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Vacancy officemanager

Due to the growth of our company and the move to a new office, we are looking for an officemanager. As officemanager, you are the first point of contact for our visitors and customers. You will perform administrative and organisational tasks to ensure that things run efficiently and smoothly at the office.

transaction #6

Groenendijk en Kwaasteniet

Groenendijk en Kwaasteniet continued to grow strongly. The company also took on several large orders. This increased the need for working capital.

transaction #5

Construction financing and sale of office building

Property Match (PM) was commissioned by EY to develop and construct a 4,900 m2 GLA office building. PM asked us to supervise the construction financing and sale.

transformation #4

Interim controlling assignment Screen Consultants

Following the acquisition of Screen Consultants, The Roberts Group needed to improve its management information and migrate to US GAAP. We were asked to assist.

transaction #4

Refinancing Batavia Stad

In 2018, owner VIA Outlets made plans to refinance Batavia Stad Outlet Shopping. VIA Outlets enlisted our help for the refinancing process.

transformation #3

In Person restructuring plan and sale

In Person, a large temporary employment organisation, was due for a reorganisation. Our expertise was called in for the reorganisation plan and sale.