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Company active in the processed fruit and vegetable market

The Company, a leading supplier of processed fruits and vegetables, experienced revenue stagnation in 2021 due to market changes, the war in Ukraine and inflation, resulting in higher costs and reduced returns. In response, the company engaged Beaufort to validate its financial projections and guide financing adjustments.


Manufacturer and seller of electric bicycles

A B2C manufacturer of electric bicycles faced supply chain problems due to COVID-19, leading to delayed orders and severe liquidity problems. Beaufort assisted in analysing the situation and developed a financial forecasting model for stakeholders.


Company active in the bathroom and accessories market

The Company, a leader in the bathroom and accessories market, had to make strategic revisions, such as divesting non-core businesses, after years of loss and growth focus. Beaufort assisted with in-depth analysis in making crucial strategic decisions, where digitalisation was key to improving results.


Company active in the manufacturing industry

Following a disappointing 2022, Beaufort, at the bank’s request, validated a company’s financial outlook in bespoke structures and developed a forecasting model for accurate monthly reporting.


Manufacturer active in the automotive industry

The company, a producer of aluminium components for the automotive industry in Europe, had to adapt to the corona pandemic and rising raw material and energy costs. Beaufort validated the 5-year business plan, which led to a successful refinancing.


Company active in trade of household appliances

This home appliances company, experienced yield declines due to supply chain disruptions from China and seasonal spikes in inventories and accounts receivable. Beaufort assisted the Company in improving its financial forecast model, which resulted in the continuation of bank facilities.