Company active in the bathroom and accessories market


The Company is a well-known player in bathroom and accessories market that became a household name in the market thanks to innovative products, special production processes and an eye for design. The Company has several strong brands which it sells through various channels (including DIY chains, retailers and large-scale projects) in more than 50 countries. In the past, the Company was strongly focused on growth and did not pay enough attention to returns. The Company had to revisit this as a result of years of losses and had to make far-reaching strategic choices, including divesting non-core activities, closing production facilities and making choices in its portfolio (products, brands and countries).


Beaufort mapped and challenged the Company’s revenue model and, based on an in-depth financial ‘feeder’ and ‘bleeder’ analysis, assisted the Company in making (far-reaching) strategic choices. Digitalisation played an important role in improving results.

"IBR and drawing up in-depth financial analysis to make strategic choices"