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Purchase, sale, restructuring and (real estate) financing offer opportunities for growth. But they can also bring uncertainty and hidden risks. Beaufort has assisted in many transactions and knows the (financing) market. Which is why you can leave the entire transaction and financing process to us, with complete confidence. The benefits? You get full insight into the transaction – what can and cannot be done, and the associated risks, costs and opportunities.

With Beaufort you will know exactly how to create more value, and what changes are required to continue in an upward trend after the transaction.

Leave it to us, for peace of mind:

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"Maximum return on your deal? Together we can make it happen."


Beaufort supports Woon-Winkel Fonds with successful refinancing

The Manager of the Woon-Winkel Fund, Beethoven Beheer B.V., has refinanced the entire property portfolio for the Woon-Winkel Fund.