transaction #1

Refinancing Stichting Amsta

The health care institution Stichting Amsta operates in the nursing, care and home care sector (VVT) and has a turnover of about €130 million.


The question

The care institution was looking for financing – especially because of the rapidly changing funding within the VVT sector. We were asked to help secure future-proof financing.

Our approach

We were responsible for drafting and implementing the refinancing plan. More specifically:

  1. Inventory of the conditions under which banks are prepared to (continue to) meet the financing needs of the healthcare institution.
  2. Analysis of the strategic and organisational plans present within the healthcare institution.
  3. Advising the Executive Board on the strategy for the next 5 years.
  4. Calculating the new strategy.
  5. Drawing up a refinancing plan, based on the results of our inventory, analysis and advice.
  6. Guiding the refinancing process.

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