Consultants speak out: ‘Control over your own development’

Utrecht, March 2024

Dirk van der Velden has enjoyed working as Restructuring Consulting at Beaufort for several years now. Colleague Kelly van den Broek started six months ago as a Consultant at Beaufort and is also in an excellent position. The two of them share their experiences, talk about the development they are going through and what makes working at Beaufort so enjoyable.


Dirk emphasizes the advantage of working at a smaller company, where there is a lot of room to influence the future of the organization. He is determined to further develop his expertise in financial analysis and restructuring, while also striving to improve Beaufort’s services.

On the other hand, Kelly talks about Beaufort’s supportive environment, in which she has been able to increase her skills and self-confidence. She has ambitious plans to further expand her knowledge in strategy, management and finance and continue to make valuable contributions to Beaufort’s projects.















What is evident in Dirk and Kelly’s stories is their dedication to excellence and their commitment to continual personal development. They appreciate Beaufort’s inspiring environment, which allows them to continue to make an impact for their clients while following their own professional path.

In short, Beaufort offers its consultants the space to shape their own development and it is inspiring to see how these consultants seize their opportunity to take both themselves and the company to new heights.

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