Beaufort makes it personal with: Suzanne Schilder

Utrecht, July 2023

Beaufort Transformations and transactions has a complete new look, including a new payoff: Perfection made Personal. What does that mean in daily practice? Reason to ask the Beaufort consultants how they make it ‘Personal’. This week: Suzanne Schilder.

I really enjoy getting to know the people behind a company and discovering what drives them.” – Suzanne Schilder, partner.

Perfection made Personal, what do you think that means?

Suzanne: “Our customers are regularly confronted with complex challenges, where a simple cost-saving measure is not sufficient. In order to achieve a successful restructuring, we need to look for the underlying problems. This requires thorough investigation within the organisation. Where is profit being made and where  are losses incurred? Which markets are under pressure and where are the opportunities? What are the core products and main customers? With a profound analysis, we create insight and overview.

However, substance alone is insufficient. For optimal results, it is equally important to know what is going on in an organisation and to involve stakeholders. It’s vital that people feel acknowledged, and that all the ideas, insights, and experiences, often tucked away within the organization, are brought to light. This fosters a level of support that is much needed. After all, the success of any plan ultimately hinges on the people tasked with its implementation.

In order to uncover this, we engage in conversations with numerous individuals throughout the organization. Every interaction, whether it’s with the company’s leadership or casual discussions near the coffee machine, offers valuable insights into the company’s inner workings. By piecing together all these snapshots, we create a comprehensive picture, akin to a film, where the real issue is revealed.”

And Suzanne: How do you make it Personal?

“I really enjoy getting to know the people behind a company and discovering what drives them. By showing genuine interest in individuals’ personalities and motivations, you can inspire movement and sometimes unexpected solutions emerge. It is incredibly rewarding to make a substantial contribution to regaining control over sensitive and complex situations.”

“Lastly, I am quite a perfectionist myself and I go to great lengths to achieve the best solution for my customer. However, the best solution is not necessarily always perfect. That’s why I’m a big fan of Leonard Cohen’s lyrics: ‘There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’.”

Interested in a personal meeting?

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