Beaufort makes it personal with: Matthijs van Essen

Utrecht, December 2022

Beaufort Transformations and transactions has a complete new look, including a new payoff: Perfection made Personal. What does that mean in daily practice? Reason to ask the Beaufort consultants how they make it ‘Personal’. This week: Matthijs van Essen.

One has to rise above the material to get to the bottom of a problem.” – Matthijs van Essen, consultant.

Perfection made Personal, what do you think that means?

Matthijs: “One has to rise above the material to get to the bottom of a problem. That starts with interest. Those who are genuinely interested in a company, the people who work there and the market in which it operates ask the right questions and are then able to master the subject matter.”

And Matthijs: how do you make it Personal?

“Our clients often find themselves in a difficult situation where there is a lot at stake. With a thorough and comprehensive analysis, we provide clarity, restoring peace of mind and helping to distinguish between main and secondary issues.

In doing so, I prefer to focus on the content. I try to understand how things work by asking a lot of questions and delving deeply into the subject matter. After that, I find it important to share the findings openly, honestly and respectfully and to arrive at solution directions that are supported by management and the organisation.”

Interested in a personal meeting?

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