Beaufort helps Tandpark Arnhem on its way to becoming a complete dental clinic

Utrecht, April 2022

Tandheelkundig Centrum Arnhem-Noord (‘TCAN’) was a practice (with 9 chairs) that wanted to expand by purchasing a new location. TCAN wanted to continue its growth at a new location that would also accommodate periodontics, orthodontics and dental technology. To this end, they wanted to rent space at the new location for two external parties. At the same time, TCAN wanted to expand its own practice by 14 chairs, 5 of which would be for Radboud UMC. In order to guarantee sufficient patients at the new location, TCAN wanted to conclude an agreement with three dentists who would transfer their practices and then remain connected to the new practice as freelancers.

Picture: Han Hermkens (Image and Motion)

“Beaufort Consulting wrote the business plan for us and presented it to the banks. They did a great job.” – Van der Brugge and De Maat, Owners of Tandpark Arnhem

The results are there

By now, some 75 patients are presenting themselves every week at the brand-new Tandpark practice. What now stands contains all facets of dentistry under one roof. Good dentistry is offered, with short lines and plenty of consultation. Multidisciplinary treatments can be taken to a higher level. Van der Brugge and De Maat therefore look back with satisfaction on the road to all of this. Beaufort Consulting wrote the business plan for us and presented it to the banks. They did a great job. The banks also saw that it was a good plan. All the major Dutch banks wanted to finance this project. We had the luxury of being able to choose from five banks.  

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